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The pay is definitely worth it

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Get your money back in the first few months of your employment.

You may think to yourself, that maybe you shouldn't spend so much money on a training, but it has been proven, that learning a new skill is one of the best investments you can make. And actually, in this case it is truly obvious, because as soon as you are done with your training, you can start searching for employment and it is almost guaranteed, that within one year from the time you finish your training, you will have your money back. "How??" you asked?

Simple, today's helicopter pilot makes anywhere between $85-130k / year. That means, that even as a newbie, you should be able to cover your expenses in the first year of employment - ISN'T THAT AMAZING??!

Book a training with us and just accept the fact, that there is no better investment long term than an investment in your skills and you will get "reimbursed" for this one time investment again and again in the future.

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