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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

When it comes down to safety culture, it all boils down to two major categories. Human performance and the limitations thereof and aircraft maintenance and checks of flight and ground equipment in a regular and organized manner.

The Human

We all know that most accidents in aviation happen because of human error. There have been different approaches to the subject over the years but the ones that seem to work the most and have been adopted as standard practice by most Airlines and Air Forces over the world are based into training a way to deal with inflight occurrences and emergencies than just a simple read-and-do reaction.

This means that emphasis is given in training the way a pilot identifies a threat and manages it before it leads to dangerous situation (TEM-Threat & Error Management). Also a “tool” is given to combat any major or minor emergency depending firstly of course on time available (FORDEC- Facts, Options, Risks & Benefits, Decision, Execution and Check).

Last but not least, the practical training with our instructors, after reaching a certain basic level of handling abnormal situation, is heavily based in creating the “expect the unexpected” concept in the minds of our student pilots. This is a mindset which assures the correct judgment and action in any possible in-flight scenario, which ultimately embodies the cornerstone of what is described as Airmanship.

The Machine

A helicopter has countless rotating parts that have to work perfectly in a coordinated manner and in incredible speeds and forces. This calls for an immaculate maintenance program that every helicopter of our flight school has to undergo and varies in type and depth according to the hours flown. It all starts at an extensive outside check before the flight and ends with taking the helicopter completely apart, inspecting literally everything and changing most parts for new ones way before reaching fatigue.

Our Chief trainer is also a certified and licensed engineer for Robinson Helicopters. This means that he has a great overview and an extra control to the amazing job that our technicians perform every day.

Ultimately, safety plays the biggest role in any operation of Interisland Airways, from training beginner and advanced courses to transporting and working with the helicopter. It is an issue which is non-negotiable and will not be sacrificed or discounted for any reason.

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