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Flying in Greece

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Perfect flying-training conditions

You can fact-check it yourself, but Greece has 250 sunny days per year or 3000 hours of sunshine a year. This makes it one of the sunniest countries in Europe. Sunshine is crucial for helicopters, because during the day is when most of the flying is done.

Mountain flying

The sunny days are not the only factor that will positively affect your training. Greece is famous for its islands and coastline, but some 80% of its landmass is mountainous. This means that it provides a perfect training environment for beginner and advanced helicopter operations. Steep approaches, Pinnacle landings, Hi and Low Reconnaissance and mountain flying are some of the most exciting things one can enjoy while flying helicopters in Greece.

Challenging Winds

Every summer, Greece is affected by a general meteorological phenomenon which produces some strong and gusty northerly winds over the Aegean Sea, the Meltemia. This is the perfect opportunity for every pilot to hone his skills using the gusty winds to perfect the approach and landing technique. This will most definitely increase the safety level in operating any kind of helicopter in challenging scenarios.

Island Hopping

Of the roughly 6000 islands, 227 are inhabited in Greece and each one of the provide a unique and memorable experience as a vacation destination. Imagine being able to fly from one island to another and take the most of Greece can offer in a single period. Why then not combine both? High quality training from beginner to advanced level, together with a beautiful vacation while island hoping for the whole family. It almost sounds like a dream, but it is possible in Greece.

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