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A word from an Airbus 320 FO

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Airline Pilot

My beginnings in Aviation were already at my hometown in Greece, where with 15 years of age I took off with a Cessna 172 with my instructor on the right seat and my parents in the back. This was the moment where I realized that this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life. At the time I was so excited about flying in general that I never really paid attention to helicopters.

I was thankfully accepted at an ab Initio course from my airline and since graduation I have been flying the Airbus 320 Family aircraft happily getting to travel and visit some very fascinating destinations. This work was also allowing me to work in Germany but be able to return, live and raise my family in my hometown in Greece.

Falling in love with Helicopters

After the pandemic and a lot of years commuting, I was searching for some alternatives to the airline industry and knowing Michael from my childhood, I turned to him for advice and mentorship. This is when I got to do my first helicopter flight and the same thing happened as with airplanes almost 17 years before. Only this time the feeling of almost absolute freedom of flight, the ability to hover at 0 speed over the ground and a lot more, created an enthusiasm inside me that determined the next path I had to follow. This of the Helicopter Pilot

The journey continues

After receiving my PPL(H) I continue to fly towards my CPL(H), enjoying countless moments of beauty in the air, challenging conditions of the environment in Greece, and safe and efficient training methods and techniques. I can´t wait to share my passion and love for aviation by working both on airplanes and helicopters.

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